Okay, here’s something fun—back in February 2019 I made an attempt at pixel art, which looked like this:

Pixel moon, heart, and sparkle. They're not very good.

I forgot why I attempted it.

I dropped it until September, when I made this tiny isometric room after playing too many games:

Isometric pixel drawing of a tiny room with a bed, plant, and tall dresser.

The details are clearly, uh, fucky, but it was exciting to follow guides (sort of) and try a popular composition.

In November, I read a few more guides/tutorials to have an inkling of how pixel art worked, and tried again:

A pink laptop with text that appears and then the screen flashes.
A messy drawing of a waterfall, grass, and a tree.
A two story house with a figure passing through the windows.

There’s some weird shit going on here—this was more of me drawing conventionally using pixels instead of using it as its own medium. Only the laptop works because I worked out the proportions of it (and even then, I still have one stray pixel in the top right of the keyboard).

Then last month, in December, I had the opportunity to do some art for work, and made this fanart of Hyper Light Drifter, a game with pixel graphics:

Game character standing by the edge of water, where keycaps are floating.

The environment is wholly credited to the game art—I didn’t design the lilypads, or the flowers, or the stones, or the tiles, or the character—and they’re what make this work.

I’m pleased with how it came out though! February me had thought ‘ok pixel art is hard and annoying and I don’t want to do it’ but I’m glad I revisited it here.

inspired by this tweet by a very cool artist about their amazing 2-year art progress. Mine isn’t that amazing but it reminded me that it’s valuable to look at where I started.