I was going to go to bed, but while I was culling my open windows I found one inexplicably open to this blog (in a private window? why?) and I thought, hmm I haven’t updated this in a while nor consistently, so mayhaps I should write what I would like to do here in 2020. Because it’s January.

  • Either publish or delete my drafts, which range from indulgent topics like media I consumed to work/career opinions to criticizing my former employer (shh, don’t tell them).
  • Write more about design/art process, which I love seeing from others so I should try and do it here too. I like reading about what didn’t work in some process.
  • Section off a ‘notes’ category to microblog things I want to retain.
  • Post less ‘personal life stuff’ like I did for a lot of my reviews, and instead privately journal that in an artful way and post that. Partly because I don’t even like rereading my own meandering reviews unless there’s something interesting, and I’m not deriving value from posting it publicly*.
  • Build out a feed for art, so instead of posting only on social media I can have a canonical post on this blog, in the spirit of indieweb POSSE (publish [on your] own site, syndicate elsewhere)

Also on the dev side, I want to:

  • Either migrate (to eleventy? idk) or do something about the terrible jekyll build time going on that I think is buggy
  • Figure out a good way to mark up posts and media because it sucks right now and is incompatible with readers
  • Redesign it because I am a designer!!!!!!
  • Open Graph stuff, but do I really? want to facilitate a more aesthetic sharing experience? idk
  • Organize stuff so I can find it later
  • Try Forestry because it seems like it could solve some of my problems

This post is unprofessionally written and maybe that is the 2020 energy

* lmao, I know that I don’t need to ‘derive value’ from my own stupid blog and can do things simply because, but I truly don’t need to post every thought I have because I don’t want them to be memorialized like a shitpost twitter feed. Whether I could, whether I should, you know.