I’m glad Version Control gave me the term blackout season, referring to the post-graduation depression period of not doing much. This year felt like a depression period of not doing much.*

a summary** in months:

  • January: felt angry at work!
  • February
  • March
  • April: had a performance review at work that was ultimately disappointing, beginning a slide
  • May: visited Seattle (a first)
  • June: fuckin blackout season i guess
  • July: visited Victoria. attended Minicomi
  • August: visited Seattle again. fixed my computer!
  • September: thought a lot about quitting my job
  • October: quit my job! went to Seattle for a third time
  • November: floundered in unemployment
  • December: started something new


I got into photography this year. It’s in my photoroll.


I was, to put it lightly, displeased with my experiences at my previous job—and the best decision I made this year was that I quit in October. What a fucking joy that was to do.†

I started something new in December and it’s very different—like night and day kind of different. Mostly it’s better.

personal adventures

  • went to multiple (wow!) concerts: Sunmi, Tiffany Young (twice!), Shawn Mendes, and Portugal. The Man + Mumford & Sons.
  • visited Seattle three times: first by myself (loved the solo travel experience), the second with my partner, and the third with my brothers. I hadn’t been to Seattle before so going three times this year was surprising.
  • fixed my computer, the solution being simply removing my video card but the process being pretty stupid.


  • Books: this was a sci-fi year, versus last year’s thriller year. Borne by Jeff VanderMeer, Recursion by Blake Crouch. See the books tag.
  • Music: discovered Masseduction by St. Vincent; Four Seasons by Taeyeon
  • Movies: ???
  • Articles: I didn’t read that many articles this year.

Here’s my 2019 Spotify listening:

My top five artists were Mitski, Taeyeon, Taylor Swift, Florence and the Machine, and Beyonce. My top songs were Four Seasons, Nobody, Lovers, Sky Full Of Song, and Lines. My top genre was pop.


here is my art summary:

9 by 9 grid of my artwork.
  • Top row: storybook drawing for work / gay OCs / pixel art for work
  • Middle row: Kelly & Yorkie from San Junipero / Sailor Moon / Doc Ock
  • Bottom row: Jessie & James (unfinished) / random sketch / another work drawing

See my 2018 summary here.

There was a lot more colour this year! Wow.

* Editing and wrapping up this post in June 2020, and right now it feels like blackout season 2.0—I’m guessing it started sometime in March and it’s very mundane. Depression is so boring, I wish I could bore myself out of it.

** Reading this much later, it seems I define my year by work or travel, which I guess is kind of telling.

† I say this knowing that should I need to, I absolutely would call up my previous employer asking if they need contract work. I’m not yet in a place where I can burn bridges. Here’s to hoping they’re not reading this!