a bowl of nabeyaki udon.
small purple flowers in a bed of leaves
a building made of brick with an upper level out of glass, by the skytrain station.
leaves and general shrubbery
a bowl of vietnamese spicy noodle soup
a selfie taken in the mirror across from me at the bar. there are bottles of alcohol around the mirror.
holding a small notebook and some papers titled 'The Studio Worksheets.'
park pathway next to a few trees during spring
looking up at buildings downtown
a vertical sign saying 'Chinatown' hanging on the corner of a brick building
the gastown steam clock emitting steam as a crowd of people stand around, in black and white
a wall-length shelf with a hidden door slightly ajar
mirror selfie of myself wearing a pink denim jacket in a fitting room
looking up at a glass dome at a wedding ceremony
pink roses among leaves at night
a bowl of ramen taken with a vintage film filter
a bed of pink flowers
window view overlooking a grassy courtyard surrounded by some trees
looking up at a slanted ceiling with many glass panels.
my laptop and milk tea at a cafe
the rainy patio in front of the office
selfie of myself in the elevator mirror
closeup of wooden boards on the wall
a selfie of myself reflected in a mirror of an installation at the art gallery. it's a cluster of glass balls piled on top of a glass podium.
a sky near sunset with some trees
a small rainbow reflected onto the arm of a pink chair
selfie where I'm wearing a New York Yankees cap and making a peace sign.
a bike. In the background is a view of the water.
overlooking a small empty courtyard. There's a restaurant patio, glass tile roofing, and brick red walls.
an outdoor pot of flowers
touchscreen of a coffee machine with choice of coffee strength as well as a button that says 'whip the coffee'
empty bus seat and window in the back
a small mango pudding with a heart
a sign in a thrift store window that says 'you had me at helvetica'
banner that says 'why wait in line when you can go online?' and a french translation that doesn't have that pun
a page in my planner dedicated to dream interpretation
a storefront that hasn't opened yet, with the blurred figure of my friend walking across it
holding a film camera
looking down at my black shoes and black tights and black coat
tall buildings in downtown vancouver on a sunny day
looking up at some pillars that converge into a point
selfie of me looking bored
plate of vongole pasta